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What is ergowheel® 

The tire rack 2.0


no damages

Due to the horizontal storage in our ergowheel® shelves, there can be no contact with other rims or shelf elements, which means that customer complaints due to damaged wheel sets are a thing of the past.



gewe_ergowheel regal

In a conventional shelving system, it can easily happen that the customer's wheel is damaged by touching other rims or standard struts. This creates unpleasant and particularly unnecessary additional costs for you as a company.

more wheels

Up to 40% more storage capacity on the same area. Store your wheel sets lying one behind the other and thus save on aisles and lighting. This modular system can be expanded as required.




Max. double-deep shelves also require more aisles that have to be illuminated. Each additional aisle is unused space.


During storage and retrieval, the tires slide effortlessly towards the employee on our in-house developed roller system. This not only improves work ergonomics and efficiency, but also significantly reduces the risk of injury.



ergowheel Röllchen

With tire racks without roller tracks, you and your employees have to do a lot of physical work. The wheels must be lifted over the carrier and, if necessary, brought forward with a tire clamp.

We guarantee you the fastest possible storage and retrieval time of your wheels. Your wheels can be stored or retrieved in just 22 seconds. Coupled with our "gewe Giraffe" control unit, you increase your efficiency and ergonomics even further. Since the wheels glide towards the operator on our innovative roller system, employee absences due to injury and customer complaints due to damaged wheel sets are a thing of the past.



in 22 sec. in or out

 References from our customers

Alexander Host -Kassel
We can finally make better use of our storage space and store more wheels. Because the tires are stored horizontally on roller tracks, the operator can store and retrieve the wheels quickly and easily. That brings us satisfied employees and since the wheels are stored on their insensitive back, they are protected from damage and customer complaints are excluded.

Alexander Host - Autohaus HETZLER - Kassel

The ergowheel® shelving system optimizes the storage of car wheels

The ergowheel® tire rack is not just a rack system, but a holistic solution for efficient use of space, for optimizing work in the warehouse and more customer satisfaction by avoiding damage to the wheel.

  1. Ergonomic storage Traditionally, wheels are stacked on top of each other. They lie one behind the other in the ergowheel® shelving system. In this way, pressure is avoided and the tire is not deformed.

  2. Fast tire removal The shape of the shelf makes it easy to remove tires. The wheels are lined up one behind the other – if one wheel is removed, the other automatically slides in.

  3. Optimum space utilization The innovative system gives you new capacities. The wheels are stored one above the other on several levels. You can store up to 40% more wheels.

  4. No damage The ergowheel® shelving system creates the best conditions for careful storage of car tyres. The usual damage does not occur and you can look forward to satisfied customers.

  5. Satisfied employees The employees also benefit from the new solution for storing car tires. You can work more efficiently and relaxed, and you get positive feedback from customers

Your contact person

  • How many more wheel sets can I compared to standing storage?
    Up to 40 % more wheels on the same surface. We would be happy to make you an individual 3D drawing with a capacity calculation.
  • Delivery time of the shelves?
    Currently about 4 weeks.
  • Who assembles the shelf?
    As the assembly of the ergowheel® system is very complex, it is only assembled by our experienced employees.
  • How long does the installation take?
    We need about 1 week for 1,000 wheel sets, provided that the area to be built on is freely accessible.
  • How can the shelf be operated at height?
    We offer picking machines up to a height of 7 m for our shelving systems.
  • Advantages of the ergowheel® shelf?
    More wheels in the same space. No damage to the wheel. Fewer walkways, therefore less lighting required. Simple and ergonomic operation. Time saving when storing and retrieving.
  • Can I also store complete wheels in the ergowheel® shelving system?
    Yes, the system can be flexibly adapted to all types of bikes. We would be happy to take care of the individual shelf planning for you.
  • Where do you ship the shelves to?
    We assemble Europe-wide. Mainly in the DACH region.
  • Was kostet ein ergowheel® Reifenregal?
    Wir planen jedes Regalsystem individuell – abhängig von der vorhandenen Lagerfläche und dem Platzbedarf, der mit dem Reifenregal geschaffen werden muss. Mit unserem ergowheel® Reifenregal können Sie bis zu 40 % mehr Räder lagern und Ihren Kundenstamm ausbauen, ohne neue Lagerflächen zu bauen oder anzumieten. Dadurch amortisiert sich die Investition in unser Lagersystem schon nach zwei Jahren. Gerne kalkulieren wir Ihnen einen individuellen Preis.
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