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More room. Lower costs.
ergowheel® tire rack.

The ergowheel® tire rack for more storage capacity. Tire storage for professionals.

Fast, efficient & cost-saving - the most ergonomic wheel rack ever.

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ergowheel Reifenstopper

ergowheel®. Tire storage perfected.

We guarantee you the best possible use of space in your storage areas. The investment costs for the tire rack are amortized after just 2 years and customer complaints due to damaged wheel sets are a thing of the past.

Store 40% more wheels

no damage to the customer's wheels = satisfied customers

simple and fast storage and retrieval

unbeatably efficient in the rack network

amortized after 2 years

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classic storage

The improved ergonomics also ensure satisfied employees and efficient storage and retrieval at peak times.


In the rack network, the ergowheel® tire racks offer you maximum space utilization and capacity gain. You too can benefit from our 40 years of experience and arrange a free consultation appointment now.

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You can only get an even better impression from us in Breuna.

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What makes our tire rack different from other rack systems?

The service of many workshops includes storing the tires after the seasonal tire change. This requires a lot of space, because each set of tires takes up a correspondingly large amount of space. Our ergowheel® shelving system has created solutions for the challenges of storing tires.

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